Xana by ninarcomics

Credit: ninarcomics

The xana are an extinct supernatural type. Project Phoenix managed to resurrect the species, and three xana are currently known, but only two are alive.

The Xana reminds us of sea nymphs, who also spend time near water using their beauty to lure humans. One of the key defining characteristics of the Xana is their thievery. Xana is much like other tales of water nymphs in that she is notorious for a haunting song that can be heard echoing near her lair. Her song will fill the pure of heart with a feeling of glee and bliss; contrary to the incredible maddening anxiety it will provoke of those who are wicked and cruel.

The Xanas are beautiful women with blue eyes and blond hair. They spend most of their time combing their gorgeous hair with golden combs and singing. They are kind to those who aid them, sharing their treasures. However, they will destroy anyone who wantonly invades their domains.

Xana powers include swimming and singing. They have the ability to drive people crazy with their singing, but only to those who deserve it. Xana can hold their breath for long periods of time, the longest currently known is nearly 15 minutes.

Known Xana Edit

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