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Werewolves are creatures than transform from human form into wolves. For some males, becoming a werewolf is a birthright; a genetic gift passed. Though for some, it is a curse. For everyone else, a bite is required, and that bite is usually deadly. Very few humans survive, because when most werewolves attack, they attack to kill. Then there's the ordeal of surviving the transformation itself, both physically and mentally.

The werewolves are divided into two distinct groups: Pack werewolves and non-Pack, commonly referred to as "mutts" . It's thought that while mutts are not organized in any way and are usually loners.

Werewolves are considerably stronger than humans and possess an innate wellness and immunity to all disease. Their senses are heightened like wolves and age slower than humans. Werewolves can shape shift at will by their human forms. They are as fast as wolves with sharp teeth and claws and can shape shift at will by their human forms.

Known Werewolves Edit

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