Vampires are a rare race of supernatural with less in existence than even werewolves. Vampires must feed off of the blood of humans, but they do not have to kill their victims each time they feed. However, they must kill and completely drain one human of blood each year before the date of their "rebirth" into a vampire. Vampires are generally the most disliked supernatural race. The reason for this is speculated to be because unlike other supernaturals, vampires must take the life of a human to prolong their own. Whereas species like werewolves, although known to kill, can refrain from doing so.

Vampires are described as being semi-immortal. If wounded, a vampires flesh will seal itself together again in mere seconds. They will eventually die after several hundred years of "living". Signs of a dying vampire are lack of sleep, and becoming disconnected with the world.

Vampires, are described as very fast and contain a sedative in their bite which renders a victim unconscious. Their saliva also has healing powers to human flesh. Also, many spells do not work on vampires although a binding spell is quite useful against one.

Known Vampires Edit

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