Was the head of The Edison Group  Genesis Project, but notice some errors on it. When he told the group they did not believe him as they modified the DNA. He committed suicide after killing Royce Banks, one of his nephews. He possessed Chloe Saunders ' body briefly in The Reckoning.

The safehouse at the end of The Awakening and during The Reckoning was the home of Dr. Banks.

"Todd Banks. The founder of the Genesis project. Dr. Lyle had the original idea, but he died before genetic modification was a possibility. It was Todd--Dr. Banks--who took his ideas and began the experiment. He was also the first to sound the alarm about the potential pitfalls. He warned the Edison Group, but they were too enamored with the possibilities to admit they'd made mistakes. Dr. Banks left and found our group of concerned ex-employees. He bequeathed the house to us on his death a few years ago." -Andrew Carson

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