Steve is Chloe's father. Chloe and her father have an awkward relationship that Chloe brings a metaphor by saying that she is like a puppy that was given to her father to take care of by a loved one (her mother) even though her father is not really a dog person.

Chloe realizes that her father really loves her by even proving this by publicly announcing that he will give a $500,000 dollar award to anyone that can find his daughter.

His sister-in-law, Lauren Fellows, feels bitter towards him as her sister died in hit and run accident while he survived. He is clueless about the supernatural world and was always moving Chloe around due to his business.

It is stated in The Rising that Steve would be brought to Badger Lake and later receive an explanation. In Kelley's novella Atoning, Chloe mentions that her father lives with her again.

"They’d brought my dad in a few months ago. We were still getting used to that, after a year apart. To be honest, we’d never been super close—my mom died when I was five and he’d buried himself in his work, including endless business trips. He’s taken a back seat in his own company, which I know is tough, but it’s what he wants to do for me. I’ll be off to college soon,and it’s important to him to make up for lost time while he can. Dad does the monthly trips to Toronto for business." -Atoning

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