Salmon Creek is believed to be a medical research town, working on drug development. The occupants of the town all work for the St. Clouds and are believed to be there to keep the town functioning, so the research can be done away from other corporations. Instead, the families were gathered, either because they are scientists in the lab, or their children possess the supernatural gene that the Cabal has attempted to resurrect. The town has a population of around 200, and is not located on most maps. There are sixty-eight kids at Salmon Creek School--and that's every grade from kindergarten to twelve. It is on Vancouver Island, and the closest known town in Nanaimo.

The town's school works to develop the abilities of each supernatural's skill. They include extracurricular activities such as wrestling, boxing, track, swim, and choir. All are meant to bring out the subjects potential and powers. 

The medical research lab is where the scientists work, finding ways to develop the supernatural's skills. They include repeated check-ups and monitor the subjects to make sure they are completely healthy. If any of them begin to show symptoms or side affects of their powers, the lab gets involved, working to stop the symptom or monitor it. This is seen with Corey's headaches.

"Our classroom desks are all built to accommodate our laptops, which are replaced every two years. Our auditorium has theater-style seating. Our cafeteria has a chef and cloth napkins. We have a gym, but no pool or skating rink, only because the St. Clouds put those in the community center a ten-minute walk away.

It all sounds very posh. It's not really. When I say Salmon Creek is in the middle of nowhere, I mean it. We're an hour's drive from the nearest city, and half of that is on empty back roads through uninhabited forest. Since we're living so isolated, we don't feel special the way private school kids might."

"Two hundred people means Salmon Creek doesn't get on most maps. It's not even a town--it's a hamlet, with only six streets--the downtown strip and five courts of about ten houses each.

There are three shops downtown. There's a decent grocery, but if my mom needs anything more exotic than white mushrooms and dried herbs, she has to grow it in our greenhouse. There's a hardware store, but if you want something unusual, it has to be ordered from the city. Then there's the Blender, our only restaurant, owned by Hayley's dad. Good food but don't expect sushi."

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