Is a man-eating werewolf mutt. He is a friend of Liam Malloy's, as well as his partner. He had his arm broken in The Reckoning, and after Liam's death said he was going to turn himself into The Pack, whether or not he went through with that is unknown. Liam wanted to turn Derek over to the North American Werewolf Pack so he can take the blame for them, as Liam is a man-eater. After taking out Ramon, Chloe and Derek run. Liam catch up to Derek and Chloe, while Derek fights, Chloe stabs Liam with her knife. Knowing he can recover quickly, they run away from the scene with Chloe suggesting they run through puddles to make their path untraceable. 

Later on, when Derek experiences his first full Change Derek smells Liam and Ramon. Chloe runs off attempting to distract Liam while Derek is changing back into his human form. But, before doing anything, Liam gets a call on his cellphone and says he wants to finished them off. Derek comes in his human form, he and Liam begin fighting and during the fight Derek breaks Liam's neck accidentally and kills him. He fought with Derek in wolf form and call quits when Derek killed Liam. It is revealed that they were hired by Russell to kill Derek and Chloe, but Ramon said he didn't know anythig about it, that Liam made all the plans.

In Kelley's Otherworld series, Elena Michaels mentions how Liam and Ramon take in foreign mutts, and frames them for man-eating. And that they had killed the last mutt they had with them, Yuli Exteberria, and sent his hand to the Pack. Elena warns Reese Williams that Liam and Ramon will do the same to him.

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