Rachelle Rodgers

Credit: Angilram

Full Name
                             Rachelle Rodgers
Hair Color
Copper Curls
Eye Color
Coppery Brown
Jacinda (Mother)
Lord Asmondai (Father)
Adam Vasic (Half Brother)
First Appearance
                              The Summoning
Mentioned in
The Rising

Rachelle "Rae" Rogers is another fifteen-year-old who is a half-demon, able to produce and project fire from her skin, a skill which she demonstrates early on by burning Tori, one of the other girls who she does not get along with. She is revealed as an Exustio half-demon only after she has been diagnosed as a pyromaniac at Lyle House. Rae's powers only manifest when she is especially angry. Rae develops a close friendship with Chloe, being the first she confides in, becoming her roommate after Liz leaves, and is suggested by her to escape with them. She is captured along with Chloe after going to her Aunt Lauren for help.

Personality & InterestsEdit

Rachelle seems to be sort of a troublemaker and a rebel. She tends to shy away from the other kids besides having relationships with Chloe and former Lyle House member Brady Hirsch. She loves to play video games and is shown so when she remodels the game room at the Edison Group lab. Rae appears to wear jeans and a t-shirt and has said to have cheaper clothes than the others by saying she has Wal*Mart Jeans and as well as she is often not included with Liz and Tori because of this. She has copper skin and copper curls.

It is said that Rae enjoys manga, skateboarding, babysitting, and working with children.


Rae is a test subject of The Edison Group's project "Genesis Project II". Her mother is Jacinda , and her father is the lord demon Asmondai. Rachelle grew up with foster parents who she said that she seemed to be at once close with her foster mother until she gained other adopted children. She said her mother treated her children like "gadgets- all amazing to show off until a new one comes- much younger and better."

The reason that Rachelle was brought to Lyle House was because she burned her foster mother after having an argument with her. She betrayed the group, and told The Edison Group they were going to try and run away, thinking it in their best interest. In The Reckoning, Dr. Davidoff says she was 'transferred' and Chloe and Tori think that means she's dead. However, Aunt Lauren says that she was broken out, presumably by Jacinda.

She is currently with her biological mother, Jacinda, at the new Badger Lake with the subjects of the Genesis II Project and Phoenix Project.

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