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Credit: unknown-bones

"A huge white Victorian house perched on an oversized lot. Yellow trim. A swing on the wraparound porch."

It was originally owned by Samuel Lyle, 60 years before the Darkest Powers Trilogy, lured other supernaturals, claiming he wanted to help them, but he killed them after doing experiments on them. They are buried in a crawlspace, later found and raised by Chloe Saunders.

Lyle House is a group home for troubled teens, but there's more to the residents than meets the eye. The home is run by The Edison Group, an organization of scientists experimenting on supernaturals, and Lyle House is one of their locations to supervise and monitor the subjects of the experiment without the teens knowledge of any genetic manipulation.

Lyle House is the home of the Genesis II Project, where the teens are told that instead of being supernatural, they are mentally ill. Manipulating the teens into doing what they say and treating them like lab rats in a cage.

Known Lyle House Residents Edit

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