Lauren Fellows
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Full Name
Lauren Fellows
Aunt Lauren, Dr. Fellows
Hair Color
Eye Color
Chloe Saunders (Niece)
Steve Saunders (Brother-in-law)
Jennifer Saunders (Sister)
Ben Fellows (Brother)
First Appearance
                              The Summoning
Mentioned in
The Rising

Dr. Lauren Fellows is Chloe's maternal aunt who has served as a mother figure to Chloe. She is a part of the Edison Group though she has no supernatural powers. In a letter to Chloe, Lauren explains that her sister took part in the experiment in order to lessen the chance of having a necromancer child.

Personality & InterestsEdit

Lauren Fellows is known to be very overprotective of Chloe, even going as far as trying to gain custody of Chloe after her sister's death. She is said to try and fix everything for Chloe so Chloe can live better. She babies Chloe and truly loves her dearly. She often goes through trials of betraying Chloe throughout the story and also of helping her.


She was the sister of Chloe's mother and uncle. She is the woman Chloe trusts most in the world, and who she goes to after escaping from Lyle House with a wounded arm. However, Aunt Lauren betrays her to Dr. Davidoff, drugging her and taking her to a hospital. However, later she redeems herself after sacrificing herself to save, Chloe, Derek, Simon, and Tori. Lauren reveals to Chloe in a letter in The Awakening that she joined the Edison Group after her brother died to help other supernaturals with their powers. She turns against the Group in the beginning of The Awakening to help Chloe and Tori escape and is considered a traitor.

When Lauren was young her older brother had at one point in her life been chased off a building during his college year by ghosts or has said to committed suicide for being a necromancer. This is what motivated her to become a doctor and help other people like him causing her to join the Edison Group.

She admitted to discouraging her older sister, Jennifer, to not marry Chloe's dad, Steve Saunders. She thought he wasn't the one for her and was imperfect. However, she agreed to helping her sister bear a child even though every combination of genes between her and her husband produced a necromancer throughout every possibility. This is what got Chloe involved in the Genesis II Project.

In The Rising she is seen on the run with Kit, Simon, Derek, Tori and Chloe. Corey remarks that "the aunt" doesn't trust them and Maya argues with her later for suggesting that they are lying about the Cabal agents. Lauren Fellows is later captured by the St. Clouds/Nasts. In the end of the book she is said to be living in a cabin in Badger Lake with Chloe and Tori.

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