Elizabeth Delaney

Credit: Angilram

Full Name
Elizabeth Delaney
Hair Color
Eye Color
Dark Blue
Nana (Grandmother)
Lord Belial (Father)
Unnamed (Mother/Deceased)
Unnamed (Half-Brother)
First Appearance
                              The Summoning
Mentioned in

Elizabeth "Liz" Delaney is a sixteen-year-old who was Chloe 's roommate before she left Lyle House. She was best friends with Tori and it is thought that she had a poltergeist and can unknowingly move things, which results in her transfer after she unwittingly throws a pencil at one of the nurses, but in actuality she is a half-demon with the power of telekinesis. Liz is transferred, and as Chloe later learns, killed, due to her powers getting out of hand. Her ghost appears to Chloe several times without Liz being aware of herself being dead, and she is summoned by Chloe after she is taken captive again.

Personality & InterestsEdit

Elizabeth is friends with everybody and very sweet. She is quick to protect others. She is extremely forgiving and is even described by Chloe as selfless. She is the only one that Tori ever is purely nice too and is best friends with her.

She had a Gap hoodie she once wore that comes into Chloe's hands after being in Tori's. She is often described as wearing a yellow Minnie Mouse nightgown and giraffe socks that her little bother gave her. She has long blonde hair and pale skin. It is said that Liz enjoys music, boys, volleyball, and friends.


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She says that they live with her Nana because her mother had hurt her back making her unable to work. She also admits a secret to Chloe by saying that she believes her mother was raped and that she was the rape child of her mother. She appeared to have very close relationships with all of her family members, especially her Nana and younger brother. She often quotes her Nana, and even says that the socks she wears are ones that her younger brother gave her.

She was sent to Lyle House for throwing things and saying she did nothing. Because of this Liz believes that she has a poltergeist- not realizing that her poltergeist is actually her. Liz was taken away and killed by The Edison Group . This being because she couldn't control her powers as a half-demon, but in her afterlife she can control them as she became a poltergeist. She appears as a ghost to Chloe through out the rest of the series, constantly helping her friends when they're in trouble. Liz is a Volo Half-Demon which is the highest kind of telekinetic half-demon. Her father is lord demon Belial. Even in death, Diane Enright says that Liz has tremendous power.

Being one of the only demon types besides an Agito to be able to move things with telekinesis power after death.

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