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<gallery type="slider" orientation="bottom">
<gallery type="slider" orientation="right">
the-summoning.jpg|The Summoning|link=The Summoning|linktext=Book One
.10sum.jpg|The Summoning|link=The Summoning|linktext=Book One
Big the awakening.jpg|The Awakening|link=The Awakening|linktext=Book Two
.12awa.jpg|The Awakening|link=The Awakening|linktext=Book Two
Kelley Armstrong the reckoning.JPG|The Reckoning|link=The Reckoning|linktext=Book Three
.13rec.jpg|The Reckoning|link=The Reckoning|linktext=Book Three
Kelley Armstrong, Book 1. The Gathering.jpg|The Gathering|link=The Gathering|linktext=Book One of the spin off series
dpt670.jpg|Characters|linktext=Learn about the characters here
Rising large.jpg
The Calling by Kelley Armstrong.jpg
</gallery> ==Latest activity==
</gallery> ==Latest activity==

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Welcome to the Darkest Powers Wiki

The Darkest Powers is a series of supernatural novels by Kelley Armstrong. The series revolves around The Edison Group, a team of supernatural scientists, and the subjects they have experimented on.

This is a wiki for Kelley Armstrong's Darkest Powers series. Here you can find information about the books, races, blogs, and characters!

This wiki may contain spoilers!

 ==Latest activity==

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