Many would compare a Cabal to the mafia, in a way they are right, but even so, it is a bad analogy. Cabals are run by Sorcerers and in all appearances, they are legit companies. They hire other supernaturals, but only the main family's sorcerers will ever see the inside of a board room. They also have their SWAT teams, keeping pesky humans from discovering their secrets, and keep the local supernatural gangs in check. Also have their own Court Rooms, own private schools, hospitals, mental hospitals, and even their own communities, and towns.

Though they hire many supernaturals, for a wide array of jobs, it is basically a job for life, and you will basically be killed if you try and leave the Cabal, but there are people who hide former Cabal employees. Also, each family hires only one Witch. Their are lots of benefits to being a Cabal employee, medical coverage, will send your children to the Cabals personal private schools. Protection from other non-Cabal supernatural, but again, it is a job for life.

In a Cabal central family, matters of succession are important. Usually it is the son of the CEO, in most cases the eldest, who will inherit the business. It should be noted that it is rare to find a Sorcerer who is not in a Cabal, a few exceptions we know of are Lucas Cortez, and Kit Bae.

Known Cabals Edit

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