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Credit: darkest-powers

Atoning is a Darkest Powers/Darkness Rising novella narrated by Chloe and set after The Rising. Work in progress. Chapters added on the 1st and 15th of the month.

A word from Kelley Armstrong:

"A quick word of warning before you begin. I suspect I’ll have some readers who skipped the Darkness Rising trilogy. If that’s you, keep in mind that you’ve missed a major shift in Chloe’s story (from The Rising.) Her situation has changed, and Chloe herself has changed. This novella takes place a year post-Rising and eighteen months post-Reckoning, so she’s not the same girl you remember :) The next chapter will be added July 1."

To this date there is a prologue and 4 chapters.

Click here to read: Atoning

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