Ashton Gray
Full Name
Ashton Gray
Hair Color
Eye Color
Maya Delaney (Twin Sister)
Calvin Antone (Father)
First Appearance
The Rising

Ashton Gray or 'Ash' is Maya Delaney's twin brother. He is introduced in The Rising and is a skin-walker like Maya. He is part of Project Phoenix. 

When Ash was five, his mother left him with her 'so called friends' and never came back. the family she left him in took care of him, until he was ten years old. His foster father got involved in a serious accident, and lost his job. Since the family had three other children to take care of, they put Ash up for adoption.

By the age of thirteen, Ash had been in a dozen placements. he was then put in a group home where he stayed for two weeks, before he left and went to the streets.

Cyrill Mitchell managed to track down Ash and offered him a place to stay, but Ash had refused. Even though Cyril tried to give him money to help Ash, Ash was only interested in information about the project. He had been on the streets for three years before Slyvia Mitchell told him where to find Maya. He then managed to get a plane ticket to go to Canada to find her.

Ash first appears somewhere close to the end of Chapter 7 in The Rising. He was found in the park, in the place of someone that the gang had wanted to meet. Daniel saw his paw-print birthmark and told Maya. After that, Ash had to tag along with Maya and her friends. He was a bit of a jerk to everyone but he was actually very nice to Maya, when she attends her own funeral. he saw that she was sad and wanted to go comfort her parents so he told her not to look. Also, he is protective of her when drunk college guys was harassing her. Maya also helped him escape capture by sacrificing herself to be caught. He stays with Daniel and Corey even after that, and Maya was happy for that.

When Maya told him of the plan that her Dad gave them, he wasn't exactly trusting of it. He also didn't like it.  

After the Rising, he is currently staying with Maya and her adoptive parents. 

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